The board

Finally picked up a raspberry pi 2. Got it at which is a reseller of a bunch of items and accessories for electronic gadettry :]

buyapi is great! if you live in Ottawa you can pick up and save the delivery charges. I picked up:

  • raspberry pi 2
  • raspberry pi 2 case (black) cost around 10$
  • wirless N usb dongle with extender antenna (300mps) ~15$
  • mopi - a battery mobile support board for the raspberry header (has i2c support, etc...)

The ubuntu image

With the pi alot faster (4core), and beastier in RAM (1GB) - there is an ubuntu image offering supported by Rohith Madhavan.

Installing the image was pretty straight forward - had to use the bzcat instead of bunzip2 to decompress the image (for some reason). Thanks to for the pointer against the strange "has 1 other link" coming out of bunzip. see Refs above for the instructions.

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May 13 2015    -    19:53