Formatting liquid code under jekyll using pygment code block is a pain. Mainly due to the { } and %'s. The Jekyll bootstrap has some liquid raw support for this built-in:

  1. Get your liquid code wanted for posting...
  2. Replace all the { with |.
  3. Replace all the } with .|
  4. wrap the result in { % capture text % } [your code here ]{ % endcapture % }
  5. include the JB magic... { % include JB/liquid_raw % }


{% assign sortedPosts = site.posts | sort_by:name %}

Another Way

Yeah... the result can be difficult to accomplish. I personally like ways that keep the text markdown very close to the rendered html. You can accomplish the same affect by code fencing and putting a space between the {. Note: In code fences, we don't need to escape the curly.

Although - the spaces are annoying at least the are consitent; unlike the above JB magic. and the spaces also throw off the pygment syntax highlighting. its a fair compromise for cleaner text.

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July 14 2014

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