Linode - an ever evolving virtual private server solution with root access. What else would you ever need?

I've been with them since 2008. Been hosting probably around 35 websites of various size (and popularity) without problem on a single 2048 package. Although in the past year or so, they've reorganized their service plans to be cloud-ish. At the moment, I'm not in a position to upgrade to take advantage of their new stuff so I don't have any comment on that. I am however very happy! Their support ticketing system and community is very good. Their documentation library is also very good for quickstart or newbies learning linux, or setting a VPS up for the first time.

Feel free to use this link / - it will associate a reference to my account if you purchase and stay with them for more than 60 days. thanks!

Did I mention Linode is AWESOME!

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April 1 2015    -    22:42